Proximity makes the difference.

Being closer to the client and candidate means acting with personalities and personality. It means showing empathy to find unique leaders, having a deeper understanding of their needs and matching them perfectly with your requirements.


Proximity. Understanding. Success.

You have probably heard it before, when it comes to filling top executive positions, it’s all about the details. Often it is the barely noticeable subtleties of the candidate profile or the final 1% in the matchmaking that determine the long-term successful filling.
As an exclusive executive search specialist, we combine a deep and rich network in over 18 industries with an entrepreneurial-pragmatic approach and the highest quality standards. Over the past two decades, we have earned a reputation as a good listener, responsible advisor and reliable partner, because we overcome all distances for our clients.

Closer than others

Closer to the market


Closer to the market

  1. Our proprietary leadership pool, Best-Connected-Minds (BCM), gives you access to more than 300,000 curated executive profiles and more than 1.6 million potential candidates.
  2. Unlike many executive search firms, we have our own in-house profiling team that works in a focused manner on your search assignment.
  3. We have few off-limits in direct search and give you almost complete access to the German-speaking/European management market.

Closer to the candidate

  1. Via a discrete and highly professional direct approach, we treat all top executive candidates with esteem and sensitivity.
  2. As long-time executives, our partners and consultants have the operational understanding, experience and reputation to best motivate and advise executives when navigating their career.
  3. With a variety of accompanying personality analyses, such as the strengths radar, we give suitable management candidates the greatest possible certainty about their “fit” for your recruiting.

Closer to your plans

  1. “Starting today, not tomorrow” – we act unbureaucratically, flexibly and efficiently. For us, speed and quality are not counterparts, but two sides of the same coin.
  2. Instead of lengthy, non-transparent search processes, we cultivate an entrepreneurial, pragmatic approach that delivers results.
  3. More than 95% of our candidates successfully remain in their placed position after two years and have even advanced further.

Closer to your goals

  1. We bring understanding: Our partners and consultants are experienced listeners. They understand the problems. They anticipate the wishes. They know the solutions.
  2. In matchmaking, we act in a tailored and agile manner. We develop custom-fit solutions and bring together the interests of our clients and those of the candidates without making false compromises.
  3. However, if a candidate leaves the company within the first six months, we will fill the position free of charge.

At your side with a proven approach

We see ourselves as consultants and feel committed to a mutually trusting, honest, clear and critical cooperation. For this reason, we offer both clients and candidates a contact person and a permanent team from the first interview through to the successful conclusion. We attach great importance to a transparent search and selection process, regular status information to clients and candidates as well as quality and efficiency, which we guarantee through our own in-house profiling team. As a result, our placements are often made faster than the industry’s standard ten to twelve weeks or enable placement solutions where the competition has failed to find a placement solution.

We recruit at the pulse of your industry

We fill top executive positions at the first and second management levels and, in some cases, high-profile industry specialists from 18 industries.

Exceptional people for exceptional positions

Coming from management positions themselves, our partners and consultants are the trustworthy partner at your side who know what is important when filling a wide variety of management positions.

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