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Being close to the market means having a deep understanding of your industry. This is what we focus on, ensuring that we identify the best talent from 18 different industries who will make the difference for your company.

Automotive & Mobility

The automotive industry is changing. Consumer habits are changing rapidly, environmental regulations are becoming ever-more stringent, and breakthrough technologies from BEVs to AI-driven autonomous vehicles are on the rise. Data is the new currency. Retailers, too, must manage unprecedented change processes – from direct sales to digitization of the customer journey. Completely new business models are emerging, such as new sharing and subscription models. This transformation process is pushing many incumbents to reinvent themselves to compete. Keep pace by hiring the executives who have the much-needed cross-functional expertise, who can implement this change, and who can safely implement agile new collaboration models in your company, for example.

Chemical & Process Industries

After years of predictable growth, conditions in the chemical and process industries have changed rapidly. But despite slowing growth in China, soaring energy prices and uncertain raw material availability, the industry has enormous potential for success. To leverage it, you need leaders who can master the interplay of supply chains, business processes, marketing and sales, and skillfully combine them with digital innovations. We are here to support you in winning them over.

Consumer Goods & Lifestyle Goods

The most important challenge facing the Consumer & Lifestyle Goods industry is branding. Customers have long been interested in more than just quality, they take it for granted. Attitude, personality and the creativity to anticipate customer needs before they arise are crucial here. With us, you will find leaders to position your brand in a contemporary and future-oriented way.


The construction and real estate sector is one of the most resource-intensive and technologically challenging industries. For a long time now, executives have not only had to be good managers who complete a project “on time and on budget”. They need to know the market and technologies, attract the right specialists and use their leadership talent to master ever-challenging projects. We help you find them.

Digital & Data

The digital transformation is in full swing, data is at the heart of all relevant business processes, and companies that do not act in time risk losing their connection and thus their competitiveness. First-class executives who can bring about disruptive change with their digital and technology expertise are in high demand, but are often only to be found outside the industry or their own networks – and are hard to come by. We give you cross-industry access.

Energy / Energy Transition

The energy and utilities sector is currently undergoing epochal change: Political and environmental factors, as well as cutting-edge technologies, are transforming the industry. To stay ahead of these developments, companies need to combine strategic insights with innovative ideas – the perfect challenge for visionary leaders. Find these creative minds with us, as consultants at your side.

Financial Services

In view of accelerated digitization, new regulatory projects and declining margins on the one hand, and changing customer needs toward increasingly flexible, tailored products on the other, the banking sector is facing a turning point. Managers who can modernize the corporate culture, develop innovative and credible products, and create more operational efficiency and customer proximity with contemporary means are in demand. With us, you will find them.


German industry and its companies are traditionally among the most competitive suppliers in the world. Topics such as Industry 4.0, connected mobility or the Internet of Things are no longer dreams of the future, but have arrived in companies. They are changing business models, but also organizational structure and culture. Flat hierarchies, agility, customer-centricity and diversity are shaping the climate and require the appropriate managers.


The logistics industry has digitized faster than almost any other sector. Mobile, smart and autonomous solutions such as self-driving shuttles have become reality. Global networking is becoming ever more central, and mastering supply chains ever more complex. The pandemic exacerbated this trend, massively increasing the demand for ever more efficient, high-tech business processes. Serving it requires leaders who bring together digital technologies with creative mobility tactics to create the solutions of tomorrow.

Machine Building & Plant Engineering

For companies in mechanical and plant engineering and manufacturing technology, the advent of Industry 4.0 and IoT opens up sustainable growth opportunities. However, many companies are still struggling with the true meaning of digitization. Adapting to a connected world requires more than just new technologies. It also requires new business models, more modern organizational structures and leadership talent to drive these changes.

Media & Entertainment

Hardly any other industry is more affected by digitization than Media & Entertainment. In today’s attention economy, consumers are becoming content creators, competing with established media companies. Accordingly, executives who can develop content that stands out in an environment of oversupply and changing media usage are in high demand. It is these agile, collaborative and empathetic “out-of-the-box thinkers” who are in demand more than ever before.

Pharma, Healthcare & Life Sciences

The pandemic has made the acute shortage of managers in the pharma, healthcare & life sciences sector obvious. In addition to nursing and medicine, this also affects management positions, as well as research, development and production. We help organizations – from university hospitals to private practices – hire executives and senior physicians who will help them successfully navigate this time of change.

Private Equity

In today’s highly competitive market, private equity firms need strong leaders if they are to continue to build the value of their investments. Growth and restructuring skills alone are not enough in the face of increasingly complex challenges. Our consultants know what is important when making appointments in this area: leadership skills, intellectual capital and implementation strength. They themselves are familiar with the challenges of investment management and know exactly how to recruit the right top-level executives.

Professional Services

Our proximity to the service sector means that we know when mergers or acquisitions are imminent, new products or services are being developed, or industry-defining developments are emerging. Thanks to these deep insights into challenges, corporate cultures and leadership styles, we are able to identify potential candidates who are perfect for the position in question.

Public & Social Sector

NGOs and public sector entities are increasingly facing market-based challenges: growing citizen demands, increased efficiency, and competition. They need to develop sustainable strategies that include digitization initiatives and leverage both limited resources and new capabilities to deliver excellent customer service. Moving a public service organization forward requires leaders with excellent management skills, visionary power, poise and skill.

Retail & E-Commerce, Marketplaces

Hardly any other industry is as dynamic, technology-driven and customer-oriented as retail. Disruption is becoming the order of the day. In the wake of the pandemic, highly data-driven e-commerce has arrived in the middle of society. At the same time, uncertain supply chains are impacting availability and price stability, which is why managers are needed who combine profound expertise with innovative strength and a pragmatic approach to solutions.

Technology & Transformation

Metaverse … Blockchain … Generative AI … Cybersecurity … Web 3.0 – the technology sector is evolving at breakneck speed. Leaders with entrepreneurial spirit and strong technical skills are not enough in this dynamic world. What is needed are leaders who are capable of change and transformation. Agility is more important than experience, diversity more important than homogeneity. Winning these personalities requires more than industry expertise; it takes a deep network, the power of persuasion when approaching people, and an eye for the finer points of matchmaking.


Today’s telecommunications sector is characterized by growing customer expectations, new competitors entering the market, and increasing regulatory requirements that add complexity and hinder differentiation opportunities. To survive in this highly competitive environment, capable executives with industry knowledge, foresight and management expertise are needed.

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