Our consulting approach

Filling a C-level position with the right candidate is a challenge. A challenge that we are happy to take on.

Proximity - the heart of our work

We focus 100% on the candidates and on you as the client. We take the time to understand the candidates and ask questions until we have a clear understanding of their motivations, skills and development aspirations. We take the same approach with our clients. We understand your needs comprehensively and deeply, we rise to your challenges because we treat every search assignment as if it were our own. This is what we stand for with our self-image of high customer and candidate satisfaction.

We hear what others overhear. We see what others overlook, and we read between the lines. This closeness to the market, to the candidates and to your goals as a client later gives you the business edge that can only be achieved with optimal candidate recruiting.

Our company history

Proximity makes the difference.

As an owner-managed personnel consultancy firm, we are proud to have successfully supported our clients in filling their key positions for more than two decades. In our work, we place particular emphasis on building long-lasting, stable business partnerships – both with our clients and with potential candidates.

In doing so, we deliberately focus on the area of executive search, in which we have experience and expertise from a wide range of industries. Our partners and consultants have themselves been active as executives in a wide variety of industries for many years. Therefore, they not only know exactly what is important when filling top-level executive positions, but they also know what will be important for the future of the company.

Our values and principles

We stand by our word. That’s why it’s easy for us to put our money where our mouth is. We make a point of listening more than talking; that’s why we often succeed in doing the impossible. Because we are aware that “impossible” is just a word that creates distance, which we gladly overcome by getting closer to our clients and our candidates.

Integrity and commitment

What we tackle - we solve. What we set out to do - we accomplish. We see ourselves as consultants who are committed to a mutually trusting, honest, clear and critical cooperation.


Where some build distance, we create openness and trust through empathy. This allows us to bring the needs of clients and candidates together in a precise fit, to profitable solutions for all.

Close and

Our partners and consultants are at home in many markets with extensive personal networks. They understand the challenges. They anticipate the requirements. They think in terms of options and also know new and unknown paths.

To-End Makers

We get things done instead of postponing them, and we deliver instead of giving up. Our flexibility, coupled with an entrepreneurial approach, guarantees the fastest and best possible success.

Permanent runner

Our thinking and actions are geared towards the long term. We do not want to fill just one position. Rather, we see every successful project as a reference for our future work.


Our team is the engine to our success. We rely on a symbiosis between the relevant expert knowledge of our partners and consultants, who give you access to 18 different industries, and an empirically validated approach that we apply to search and matchmaking via our in-house profiler team.

Career at

No one knows better than we do what matters when it comes to filling top-level executive positions. If the topic of HR consulting is of interest to you or you would like to develop your talent with us, take a look at our careers page.