Our benchmark study

Get an overview of the current candidate market and gain decision-making confidence in the run-up to a critical recruiting- even before the direct approach in the market begins.

Decisions with a clear vision of the future

It is our mission to provide you with the best possible support in the run-up to filling managing director and executive board positions. To this end, we have developed our benchmark study. It provides you with an overview of the current situation on the candidate market and shows you concrete options for external recruiting. This provides you with a reliable basis for identifying the right candidate for you.

The benchmark study - clear advantages

Proximity makes the difference.

Maximum decision certainty

Our benchmark study supports our clients in making informed decisions when selecting new executives and board members. Our methodically guided selection process ensures a fair and objective comparison between an internal candidate and two to three experienced and available external candidates from the same industry. In this way, we maximize the chances of an optimal appointment.

Concrete recruiting options

Depending on the result, you gain more decision-making certainty from internal recruitment or have the option of entering into the further decision-making process with the external candidates identified. The result of the market or benchmark study is therefore a solid recruiting solution.

Clear focus through transparency

You will receive the result of our benchmark study in the form of a qualified candidate report based on the complete selection and screening process coordinated for this specific position.

Executive Search

Fill key positions to develop your company in a contemporary and future-oriented manner.

Interim Management

Gain access to top interim managers and executives who are an ideal fit for your company’s DNA.

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